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YC Signs LLC is a full service sign company that designs, fabricates, and installs in the Las Vegas area, including North Las Vegas and Henderson. We specialize in electric signs — from channel letters, reverse channel letters, logo boxes, light cabinets to directional signs, pole signs, monument signs, pylon signs, and so much more.


All signs point to us: Our xperienced and creative team will help you create the best signage for your business. We make all kinds of signs including commercial real estate signs, interior/exterior business signs, and more. Using advanced print and color matching technologies, we produce some of the highest quality business signs from banners to complete custom signs and graphics.


At YC Signs, we understand how important and necessary a sign is for the success of the company! That is why our job is not done until every client is completely satisfied.




Channel Letters are one of the most traditional, cost effective and popular types of signs in the industry. Not for bad, channel letters are the number 1 option preferred by customers they vary on names, shapes and sizes. at YC signs we specialize in all types of channel letters from the traditional ones where you have individually illuminated letters, to the ones that light up from the back creating a . hallo, and the open face ones very good option when combined with neon, and why not double light where the customer could choose from having the letter illuminate back and front using the same or different colors. It does not matter what type of channel letter you prefer they always, if made right and with the right materials, look good and gives business that extra boost on looking good and catch potential customers attention. it does not matter if you want to project a professional look or a more loud impression there is always place for channel letters.